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Cachaça, Brazils answer to rum, is a distilled spirit made from fermented sugar cane juice which can be both oak aged and un-aged.


The Caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail, is the most widely known Cachaça cocktail, and whilst it's origins are in question it was likely first enjoyed in Portugal, and is thought to be a derivative from a recipe thought to cure spanish flu, containing the same ingredients along with lemon, honey and *garlic*!


Today we sip this historical cocktail without the original additions - but you're welcome to give them a try if you fancy!


We've kept the recipe as it is standardly made, and added in some edible candied lime peel to act as a garnish.

If you like cocktails which battle between the lines of sweet & sharp this is certainly for you.

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Caipirinha FINAL.jpg




  • Cachaça 51- 40% - 50ml

  • 2 teaspoons brown sugar

  • 1/2 a lime - quartered

  • Garnish - lime peel


Recommended glassware: Tumbler

Cachaça can be stored in the freezer before use to ensure it's nice and cold.

When you're ready to make your cocktail, cut a lime in half and then cut one that half into quarters and add them into your glass, along with the contents of two of the provided brown sugar sachets.

Using a muddler, or other similar blunt object, muddle the lime and sugar together until the juice is extracted from the limes and the sugar has dissolved into it.

Once complete top with crushed ice, take your Cachaça out of the freezer and pour in 50ml over the ice, give the glass a thorough stir with a bar spoon or teaspoon, to mix fully, top with a lime peel then serve & enjoy!

Serves 1

Not included: Glassware, ice & measuring/mixing equipment


Each serving approx 2 UK units - Stay alert - Drink responsibly

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