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Updated: Mar 18, 2021


With the country in the final dregs of lockdown, why not use this time to pick up a new skill? Whether you're a virgin with the shaker or looking to level up to expert, our Cocktail Connoisseur course is perfectly placed to get you where you want to be. Designed to kit out your cocktail tool kit and arm you with skills worthy of the swankiest of bars, each month focuses on a classic cocktail, educating you on the history and ingredients, as well as providing you with a printable recipe card and four mouth-watering servings of each, to share with your household, or enjoy all to yourself (no judgement!). Learn to shake up a foamy gin fizz, layer a piquant bramble or muddle a perfect smash with equipment favoured by the professionals that is yours to keep! Our mixologists have designed the course to help you transition into a master mixologist. Each recipe is inspired by world-renowned classics with our own added modern twists, so you can mix up something truly exciting. Using innovative garnishes and premium artisanal, award-winning, spirits and mixers, each month's cocktail will be a surprise, encouraging you to have fun broadening your cocktail horizons and maybe even find a new favourite! By the end of the course, you will own a premium professional barware kit comprising of: a Jigger, Shaker, Hawthorn Strainer, Fine strainer, Muddler, Bar Spoon & Mixing glass. You will be able to measure, shake, muddle, stir, layer, fine strain, infuse, coat a glass and garnish your way to the perfect serve, all whilst sipping titillating cocktails along the way. Our first month's package is just £24.99, with no commitment to finish the rest of the course. If you do decide to continue on your way to cocktail mastery, months 2-7 are charged at just £32.99 including delivery - These months are a blind subscription delivering an exciting surprise cocktail to your door each month! Let us know of any dietary requirements and allergies you may have and we will make sure that your packages accommodate this. All the cocktails provided are premium historic recipes, typically served short/mixer-less so they pack a punch. You won’t find any ‘woo-woo’s or blue lagoon's in this course so if you enjoy your cocktails on the stronger side and can appreciate the beauty of a luxury premium spirit, this is the course for you.

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  • All our cocktails contain four servings.

  • You will be charged each month with fourteen days needed to cancel your subscription to the course.

  • Your cocktail kit will be sent out on the first Wednesday of each month and you will receive an email with your cocktail for that month, along with any allergens and your recipe card.

  • If you’re going to be away on holiday one month, just let us know and we will delay your cocktail parcel until you return home.

  • This opening offer is £200 including delivery for 7 months of cocktails, recipes, equipment and knowledge on the history and ingredients of each.

  • Once you have completed the seven-month course you will have the option to extend your subscription for two further months to learn advanced cocktail skills.

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