Mother's Day Collins

Treat her properly this Mother's Day with the Sussex Collins - Here Be Dragons

Gin: the biggest boom since babies and the ideal Mother’s Day tipple. Spicy, tangy, and versatile, this juniper spirit has captured the heart of our nation in recent years, and long gone are the days when a shot of Dry Plymouth and an insipid lemon slice will suffice. Over the past decade, the market has exploded, creating space for lovers of botanicals to present their carefully honed craft to the rapturous applause of a fierce, gin-loving community. The versatility of this elegant spirit makes it a refreshing tipple for all the wonderful women in your life.

The Tom Collings was first popularised in the 1870s, this gin-based cocktail is the ideal blend of peppery, zesty and sweet and has remained staunchly popular since its inception. If you're a fan of the cocktail, or maybe you have never heard of the drink and it’s history, all you need to know is a good gin mixed with premium ingredients are key, which is why we have put a Sussex twist on it keeping it local and artisan. Partnering our “Sussex Collins” with Sussex spirits from Slake Gin in Shoreham by Sea, a gin that uses the sun to power the stills and seek out the very best ingredients to thoughtfully produce the finest artisan gin at the crossroads of science & nature, Albourne Estate Vermouth produced from their own single estate matured base wines, blended with grain spirit and an infusion of 40 carefully selected herbs, spices and citrus peels and finally lengthened by Ardingly based Folkington's soda water to create a first class cocktail perfect for your 1 in million Mum. (Find out more about each supplier in the links attached. )

The Mother’s Day cocktail gift box, serves 4 drinks an ideal accompaniment for a lazy feet up Sunday afternoon in front of the tele, packed and presented in a beautiful gift box with a happy Mother day card included.

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