Caipirinha - Serves 4

Caipirinha - Serves 4


The Caipirinha is the signiture cocktail of Brazil - using Cachaca as the main spirit, with a sweet and sharp lime hit, served strong & short.


Recipe here


This cocktail-carepackage includes: 

1 x 200ml Cachaca 51

8 x Brown sugar packets

2 x fresh loose limes 

4 x Candied citron lime peel for garnish


You will also need: 

1-4 x drinking glasses, suggested: tumbler

1 x measuring instrument, i,e, jigger or measuring jug 

1 x bag of crushed ice 

1 x muddling utensil, i.e. muddler or rolling pin/pestle/spoon

1 x barspoon or teaspoon to mix 


The ingredients provided will serve 4 x cocktails all approximately 2 UK units each. Not to be purchased by/for anyone under the age of 18.

Stay alert - Drink responsibly. 


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