Fairyfloss G&T - Serves 4

Fairyfloss G&T - Serves 4


The Fairy Floss G&T is inspired by the fairground, summer fete, & arcade delicacy that is candy floss - or 'fairy floss' depending on which part of the hemisphere you are in!


This recipe pairs the bright colours & flavours of the candy floss with mixed berry infused Gordon's pink gin, along with premium Fevertree tonic water creating a fun cocktail balanced with bitter tonic, sweet candy floss and delicious berry notes.


With three varieties of candy floss to choose from please pick your choice when adding to the cart.


Recipe here 


This cocktail-carepackage includes: 

1 x 200ml Gordons Pink gin

2 x 20g pots of candy floss

4 x 200ml Fevertree tonic water


You will also need: 

1-4 x drinking glasses, suggested:  tall/highball 

1 x measuring instrument, i,e, jigger or measuring jug 

1 x ice 

1 x barspoon or teaspoon to stir with


The ingredients provided will serve 4 x cocktails all approximately 1.9 UK units each. Not to be purchased by/for anyone under the age of 18.

Stay alert - Drink responsibly. 

Candy floss Variety 1
Candy floss Variety 2




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