The Kir Royale is a staple cocktail in many bars & hotels across the world. The cocktails simple ingredients list consists of only two things -  prosecco & creme de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) which are typically poured into the glass slowly but simultaneously in order to thoroughly mix the two ingredients without making the prosecco flat.


This version of the cocktail follows the standard recipe but adds more glitz & glamour to your glass with the addition of edible cocktial glitter from Popaball.


Recipe here 


This cocktail gift set for 4 includes: 

1 x 100ml Creme de Cassis liqueur 

2 x 200ml Tiamo Prosecco bottles

4 x Popaball edible cocktail glitter single serve sachets


You will also need: 

1-4 x drinking glasses, suggested:  champagne flute

1 x measuring instrument, i,e, jigger or measuring jug 

1 x bag of ice 

1 x barspoon or tea spoon to stir with


The ingredients provided will serve 4 x cocktails all approximately 2 UK units each. Not to be purchased by/for anyone under the age of 18.

Stay alert - Drink responsibly. 

Glitter Royale | Box for 4



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