The Bellini, famously made in Italy, is a deliciously peachy take on prosecco, adding sweetness, bumping up the ABV% and filling the glass with lovely peach flavours. 


This version of the cocktail follows the standard recipe but adds more glitz & glamour to your glass with the addition of peaches & cream flavour bubbles from Popaball!


Recipe here 


This cocktail gift set for 4 includes: 

1 x 100ml Creme de Peche peach liqueur 

2 x 200ml Prosecco bottles

1 x 175g Popaball peaches & cream flavour bubbles


You will also need: 

1-4 x drinking glasses, suggested:  champagne flute

1 x measuring instrument, i,e, jigger or measuring jug 

1 x bag of ice 

1 x barspoon or tea spoon to stir with

Optional - Fresh peaches to garnish 


The ingredients provided will serve 4 x cocktails all approximately 1.75 UK units each. Not to be purchased by/for anyone under the age of 18.

Stay alert - Drink responsibly. 

Bubble Bellini | Box for 4



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